How To Apply Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation+Layla My Everything is one among the trickiest cosmetics to apply. Not only it is a tough job but also it requires you to perform it correctly without even the slightest mistake or it would be visible on your face. Whether a smudge on an area or a bad stroke of the brush can make you look ghastly. With some few tips, you can perfect your make up skills and make the difference in applying the foundation. Read on to know How To Apply Liquid Foundation.

Choose your liquid foundation:

Make sure that you choose a best foundation that would suit your skin tone well and compliment it without making a change in the skin tone. Go for the ones with sheer look if you are comfortable with that tone. Always check by putting a dot of foundation at the back of your hand and rub it on your skin to see whether it suits your skin or not.

How To Apply Liquid FoundationChoose flat brush with a dense look:

Make sure that you choose a flat top brush to spread the foundation evenly. It must have thick and bushy bristles. Dip the brush in the foundation and dab along the nose, cheeks, chin and border your face to work on fully. One dip in your product must be enough to cover the whole of your face.

Begin at your nose:

This is an important step in knowing how to apply liquid foundation. Start from your nose and proceed to spread to the small and minute areas before reaching to the cheeks and other facial parts. Always apply the product from the inwards to outwards. Continue with this process until you reach the chin.

Use the foundation left on the brush:

You can spread across the foundation that is left on the brush and use it cover some tricky areas like edges of the nose, your lip line, smile lines or below the mouth.

Remember the eyes:

This is one among the important tips to know how to apply liquid foundation. If you have the habit of using the liquid foundation under your eyes regularly, it is a good practice as it avoids the use of a concealer under the eyes. If you do not have the habit, then proceed to the next step. Take a wee bit of liquid foundation with the outer edge of your brush and place small dots slightly under the eyes. Concentrate well while applying the product at the under eye area. This is because you will have to apply it on the lower inner eye corner. Make sure to apply the liquid foundation under the eyes, on the eyelid and on the brow bone.

Stipple across the forehead and merge well in the hairline:

For this step, you must have 1/3 product. Take some on the brush and spread across the forehead and hairline. This is an essential factor to consider while knowing How To Apply Liquid Foundation because many people tend to neglect this area while applying the liquid foundation. By now, you might have covered your entire face.

Concentrate beneath your jaw line:

Now use the brush to take the remaining amount of liquid foundation and use to put dots on the jaw line. Stipple this upwards to connect with the foundation in the face. Then merge it well and lead to neck. Then proceed to apply it to the ears and connect it with other regions.

Stipple over the entire face:

Stipple the liquid foundation all over your face and deal with the problem areas. This will help you to distribute the product well across the face. Now you may deal with the smile line, as it will be taken care with a less amount of foundation.  This will reduce the creasing to greater amounts.

Remove anomalies using buff:

After you have applied the foundation evenly, buff slightly in small circular motions with the same foundation brush. This will ease out the imperfections as it eliminates the excess foundation and helps to merge the product well with the skin. Make sure to buff under the eyes, eyelids and in hairline. Keep buffing until the foundation begins to look normal and natural.

With these tips, you can know about how to apply liquid foundation and look good each time you step out.

How to use and apply a liquid foundation:

If you need to get ready for office or a party and you want to ensure that you look your best, the one essential for your makeup range is liquid foundation. To apply liquid foundation correctly can be a humongous task. In fact, liquid foundation is one of most difficult cosmetics product to be applied as this is the base of your make-up. A single wrong brush stroke can completely tarnish your look for the day, function or party. This article will give you advice on how to apply liquid foundation. You can use the following tips for applying liquid foundation well and ensure that perfect look.

Choosing the Right Liquid Foundation

Always buy the liquid foundation that suits your skin tone, especially which matches your skin tone. In order to test if a liquid foundation is right for you or not, you can put a drop of foundation on the back of your hand, rub it and see if it suits your skin.

Applying Liquid Foundation

Use can use a makeup sponge or flat brush to apply the liquid foundation evenly.

Steps to apply the liquid foundation

  • Wash your face: Before applying foundation, first of all wash your face with a good quality face wash or cleanser to remove all the settled oil and dirt.
  • Dry and apply moisture: After washing the face, let it dry and then apply a nice moisturizer. After applying it, leave your face for 2-3 minutes. This will help the foundation to stay longer.
  • Now, apply a small amount of make up concealer to hide the spots or blemishes or any problem areas.
  • Take a small amount of liquid foundation on the sponge or brush and put dots on nose, cheeks, then other facial parts and lastly on chin.
  • Starting from the nose spread it to each and every minute area of nose, cheeks, all the borders of the face area above your lips, and chin. Follow the same regime for the chin as well. Remember, you should spread the liquid foundation from inwards to outwards. Also, it should also be applied to same areas where you applied the concealer.
  • Take some foundation on your brush and spread it across your forehead and hairline and blend it to match your skin tone.  Now, your entire face should have been covered.
  •  In the same way, apply the foundation in the rest of untouched areas, say neck and blend the makeup so that your face has the same skin tone throughout.
  • Now, the final step, after you have blended the foundation all over face and your skin tone looks even, take a small amount of foundation and buff in circular motions with the brush on your face. This removes excess foundation from the face and gives a natural skin texture. Don’t forget to buff under your eyes, over the eyelids, jaw line and forehead. Now, your base for the makeup is ready. Always remember if your base is good, your rest of the makeup will automatically be BEST.
  • Let your foundation be set for 2-3 minutes. Take a tissue and blot over your face.
  • Now, you can apply any other products like blusher, highlighter, eyeliner and everything else that you have wanted to put.

Although, the process of applying liquid foundation is considered difficult and challenging task for some, it is actually pretty simple if you follow the right steps.